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The Agenda

2018 - Schedule


Sept 12 Sharon Harrison Welcome/Overview  
Sept 19 Deacon Frank Leaming Sacrament of Baptism  
Sept 26 Amanda Roberts Sacrament of Eucharist  
Oct 3 Father Jay Biber Sacrament of Reconciliation  
Oct 10 Deacon Al Hallatt Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick  
Oct 17 Jerry Hancock Project Home  
Oct 24 Bonnie Bell Chesterfield/Colonial Heights Christmas Mother Pink
Oct 31 Father Wayne Ball Sacrament of Ordination Purple
Nov 7 Vera Mulherin Finding the Sacaments in our Everyday Lives Red
Nov 14 Rob Marino Health Care for the Poor Yellow
Nov21 Thanksgiving No WINGS  
Nov 28 Deacon Emet McLane Sacrament of Marriage White
Dec 5 Christmas Brunch St. Augustine Choir 1/2 tables

Last Meeting Until Jan. 9, 2019



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Fees: $30.00 a year.  You may pay at the time of registration, or at the first meeting.  (Financial help is available if needed) Contact Person:  Sharon Harrison 804-683-7199 email:

“Come As You Are….”


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